At Remhoogte, we annually produce and harvest 16 000 tonnes of apples and pears. These are packed into 1 000 000 cartons of which 60% are for the export market and 25% is for the local market. The remaining 15% are processed to apple concentrate and is the basis for many fruit juice products across the world, including apple ciders and Appletiser [a member of the Coca-Cola Family].

Post harvesting procedure include the latest technology in cooling and packing at our own facilities on the farm. Here we pack the fruit in one of our own brands, or for other distributors in one of their branded cartons.

With seven different apple cultivars and three pear cultivars, our variety is suited for the export market, as well as to withstand the harsh African conditions.

The different brands that we own and ship out under, are:

The Blem

Our uniqueness is firmly based in sustainable primary agriculture in the beautiful Western Cape. Currently some 275,000 apple and pear trees are under irrigation where precision practices are employed to farm the 300 hectares of unique soil type combinations these trees are planted on.

We have ample land and ample water available to expand our fruit producing hectares significantly and that is exactly what we are doing! Since 2014 we have been expanding aggressively, developing new orchards at an average rate of 15 Hectares per annum – a trend that is set to continue for many years to come.

This includes the entire process from ground preparation, establishment of the shoots, irrigation preparation, planting, first growth, leading and pruning up to full production.

Many of these expansions and renewals include recently proven cultivars such as Rosy Glow, Big Bucks and Cripps Red. Even though we are not afraid of trying out new and different cultivars, we will always keep a good stock of dependable cultivars like Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.

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