Nestled away in a quiet corner of the Elgin-valley, behind the back of the Kogelberg mountain range that beats away the Atlantic Ocean in False Bay, lies the twin farms, Remhoogte and Somersfontein. Straddling the Klein-Palmiet river, these farms are abuzz with activity all year round to produce the finest harvest of international export quality. From the tree to the table in London, Lagos and Kuala Lumpur, you can be assured our apples and pears are good to the core.

Video courtesy of Mark Markovina Airmark Technology

Remhoogte has more than 275 000 trees on nearly 300 hectares planted on unique soil type combinations. These trees yield 16 000 tonnes of fruit per season, providing seasonal jobs to 820 people and permanent jobs to 70 people.

We are one of the largest producers of fruit in South Africa. With seven different apple cultivars and three pear cultivars, our variety is suited for the export market, as well as to withstand the harsh African conditions.

Our uniqueness is firmly based in sustainable primary agriculture in the beautiful Western Cape. Currently some 275,000 apple and pear trees are under irrigation where precision practices are employed to farm the 300 hectares of unique soil type combinations these trees are planted on.

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